Think about what look and feel you want your photos to have. Go online to get inspiration!
Pick a color scheme. You can pick 2-3 main colors and then add a pop of color. I prefer sticking with neutrals and earthy tones. This doesn’t mean just grays and browns, there’s neutrals of every color ( mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, etc. ) Stay away from bright, fluorescent distracting colors.
Note: If you’re planning on hanging the pictures in your home, maybe consider what colors you decorate with? What colors make you feel good?
Coordinating not Matching. Coordinating helps your photos have character and depth. 
Fall/Winter: Texture and Layers! Scarves, vests, sweaters, flannels, jackets.
Accessories. Jewelry, hats, hair bows/clips, suspenders, belts, even socks! This is also where you can add your pops of color.
Patterns or stripes are ok! Just be careful not to choose too big/loud/crazy of patterns that are distracting. The smaller or more subtle patterns, the better! When doing large family photos, limit the patterns, some of the members could wear complementary patterns in varying sizes, but all would be too much. Small stripes can make a “moiré effect”, so thicker stripes would look best.
Be sure to iron your clothes before so theres no huge wrinkles causing distraction.
Typically, no graphics. But I’m not opposed to band tee’s, especially for couples if it fits their style.


Lay it out and take pic! This helps especially for family photos when you’re busy or cant get everyone together beforehand. You can even start a group text message where everyone can send a pic of their outfit(s).

Dress for the weather.
Dress in clothes that fit. Don’t wear anything that is too big or too small.
Wear the proper underwear for your outfits, from tank tops and underwear to socks. Ladies, make sure your bra straps aren’t showing!

If you wear foundation, be sure to blend it down your neck so there's no line. 
You don’t need to hire a hair and make up artist, do whatever makes you feel best! Do you want to look like yourself or a super glammed up version? Be careful to not do anything too dramatic, I have had clients show up taking off make up or taking down hair from having it professionally done because it just doesn’t look like them. But if you’re getting your hair and make up done, be sure to schedule early enough so you’re not late for your session.
Plan ahead if you will be tanning so you don’t have bad tan lines, or if you decide to get a spray tan get a natural airbrushed spray tan rather than one from a salon/tanning place.

If you have any pets you want to include in your shoot, PLEASE do! Just bring an extra person too, so they can take care of them when they’re not in the photos. Also bring anything that will add to your shoot/style (ex: motorcycle, guitar, pizza picnic, blankets, bouquet)

These are just some tips to consider! Rules can be broken. Ultimately, I want you guys to look and feel like yourselves and be comfortable. Don’t feel like if you don’t follow these guidelines that your photos won’t turn out. There’s no need to go shopping for new clothes, bring stuff you normally wear that you love!

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